It's Me, Seej!

Hello there! I’m Seej, and welcome to my blog, “Seej Sucks at Coding”—a title I’ve chosen not just for the laughs, but as a reminder that it’s perfectly okay to be a work in progress. My journey in tech began at Purdue University, where I dived headfirst into the world of Electrical Engineering. Over six adventurous years, I found myself tinkering with everything from crawling around airplanes to install satellite WiFi to designing next-generation automotive radars. I even joined the "dark side" and ventured into the arena of hardware sales. Yes, you could say I’ve been around the tech block a few times!

But then, COVID happened, and like many, I found myself at a crossroads. That’s when I took the leap into the world of software, becoming a Solutions Architect for Eggplant automated testing. It’s been a ride—imagine going from handling physical circuits to wrangling lines of code. It’s a whole new world, and honestly, I’m still getting my bearings.

“Seej Sucks at Coding” is more than just a blog; it’s my candid journey from the tangible realms of Electrical Engineering to the abstract and fascinating world of software and AI. Here, I’ll share my stumbles (and occasional victories) as I navigate through learning to code, understanding software architecture, and dreaming of one day contributing to the frontiers of technology, especially AI.

This blog is for anyone who’s ever felt like breaking into the high-tech industry (especially in software-centric companies) seems like climbing Mt. Everest. I believe anything can be done with a little time, a lot of mistakes, and some elbow grease. Let's go!