Attempting a ChatGPT Discord Bot: Part 1 - Vision

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Attempting a ChatGPT Discord Bot: Part 1 - Vision


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Welcome back to my little slice of the (digital) universe! The blog is alive and kicking, marking the first ✅ on my list of "Things I've Already Done Once But Trying Again." Now, we're staring down the barrel of the big question, armed with nothing but ambition and a dash of naive optimism: "What's next?"

Last time we chatted, I introduced myself as Seej - the engineer turned solutions architect, embarking on a quest to find my place in the sprawling, very chaotic world of the high-tech industry. My mission? To navigate through the software jungle, armed with a quirky sense of humor and a resolve that's as shaky as my understanding of recursion. It's an industry ripe with opportunity, if only you're brave (or foolish) enough to dive in.

So, right now I'm rolling the concept of "vision" in my brain—a notion that often eludes even the best of us. If you're among those who've found their calling, consider yourself fortunate. For the rest of us, it's a constant search. Fortunately for everyone else, there's Master Ca - I mean LinkedIn.

After browsing various companies in San Francisco (where I'm located now), sighing at the "must have 7+ years experience in..." listings, and crying at the salaries that people at FAANG companies made, I found a curious listing at OpenAI. It is a listing for a "Solutions Architect" for OpenAI. Wait, I'm a Solution's Architect! I could probably do this...

Solutions Architect listing from OpenAI

Soft skills fluff aside, I could probably do this job, right?

Wrong. I would not consider myself "proficient in Python and Javascript". I have not "built and/or delivered prototypes on top of [OpenAI's] API platform". Shoot. Ok well it can't be that hard right? Spoilers: I was also wrong. Anyways, the benefits are incredibly enticing.

Sheesh. Ok so what's the plan here? After checking out a couple of Medium articles, I realized that probably one of the most practical solutions that I could build is a Discord bot powered by ChatGPT! I already regularly use Discord for Dungeons and Dragons (don't laugh) and it would be fun to have an autonomous entity for players to interact with. Specifically, I help run a Post-By-Post (PBP) DnD server which is a text based and it could use a fortuneteller feature.

After doing a cursory look at how to build this service, it looks like there's not only Javascript involved, but I can also expand it to be hosted on a cloud service, and (most importantly) utilizes the ChatGPT API!

Come with me as I strugglebus through this project!