I Have News

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I Have News


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Hello. It's been a while! I have news.

Well it's two pieces of news.

First - I have been accepted to Purdue's Online Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence! This is a new offering by Purdue - I heard about it back in March. This was news to me because prior to this I was trying some other MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offerings through Georgia Tech Online and Purdue Global - although all those offerings were comprehensive, they didn't quite scratch the itch of a comprehensive online-accessible AI-focused Master's program.

When Purdue announced they were offering an AI degree online I was ecstatic! First, as an alumni, I know the rigor and the prestige that comes from the Purdue namesake. Secondly, it's online. And third, it is a technical degree focused not only on the technical aspects of AI, but also the ethics and policy surrounding this burgeoning technology.

Second - I am restarting my blog! I am returning with an idea for a series called "100 (non-consecutive) Days of AI". For this series, I will explore various aspects of artificial intelligence, discussing applications, industry trends, solutions, and use cases. We'll dive into everything from computer vision to natural language processing and much more. Each week, I'll alternate between insightful topics and exciting projects, ensuring a blend of theory and hands-on experience.

Some topics include talking about AI generative products like LLMs, images, and music or making MVP (minimum viable products) applications that utilize AI technologies. It should be a fun way to both educate myself (and hopefully others) about AI while also building up a portfolio of skills that I can use to market myself with.

Anyways, that's it for now! Tune in for "100 (non-consecutive) Days of AI"!